Rock Anchors

Rock Anchors

A versatile solution to suit specific geological conditions when load carrying capacity is of the utmost consideration, rock anchors can be used to stabilise everything from tunnels to dams, embankments and cliff faces. 

Holding back the mountain

We typically use steel anchors bars and strands during our rock anchors projects, drilling holes directly through the face to be retained and deep into the soil and rock behind it. Grouting the hole and installing the anchor, we then add a face plate, pulled tight to the surface by increased tension on the steel anchor.

Additional facing can be added as necessary and rock anchors are easily installed in multiple rows so the method can be easily adapted to cope with extremely high loads.

Versatility in use

Rock anchors are designed to assist in the retention of natural features and slopes and will often be used in major excavations, tunnelling and highway and rail cuttings. They can also be used to create tiebacks for bridges, to increase the stability of large dams or as an additional support for typical gravity retaining walls.

Just one part of a comprehensive ground stabilisation service

Rock anchors are often just one part of a comprehensive range of retaining structures, ground stabilisation and piling works most sites will require. Seamlessly integrated with piling, underpinning, soil reinforcement or retaining walls we design and engineer the simplest and most practical route to quality ground engineering available.

Working across the UK, including Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London, our skilled team offer many years of experience in all aspects of ground engineering, including rock anchors, with numerous major projects on behalf of national developers and major civil engineering contractors behind us.

Following a detailed consultation and design process, we design and construct rock anchors to provide simple, cost effective and practical solutions to every retaining and stabilisation challenge.

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